Some Important Travel Hacks for Foreigners When Visiting Pakistan

14/11/2018 TRAVEL TIPS

Traveling to foreign country is a challenge. If it is about traveling in a budget, it becomes much difficult. The first thing striking the mind is “budget”. Until and unless you have substantial savings, you cannot plan to visit a foreign country.

However traveling to Pakistan can be affordable. Especially if you are from a developed country you will experience sharp increase in your savings when converted to Pakistani currency. Still everyone loves “saving money”. There are some interesting tips which can help you to make your trip to Pakistan affordable.

3 Money Saving Tips When Traveling To Pakistan

  • Filter Tap Water Yourself Instead of Buying Branded Mineral Water

Buying mineral water can be expensive. You can fill your water bottles with tap water and use Steripen or Grayl to filter the tap water.


In addition there are several places where you will find electric water coolers with clean and cool water. These water coolers have been installed for general public. You can fill your water bottles free of cost and as many times as you want.

  • Booking Hotel Online and Get Discounts

You can book hotels online with even before you leave your home.

Some top hotels like Dream World Resort Karachi, Hotel Ramada Plaza, Regent Plaza Karachi, Avari Hotel Lahore, The Residency Hotel Lahore etc. do offer online booking facility but you will lose the chance to get discounts.


Just in case you plan to visit remote areas like Murree, Naran, Kaghan your will find more of guest houses than hotels for your stay. Make sure you have booked the hotel in advance as in peak seasons, hotels are fully booked.

  • Order Food Online And Get Great Deals

Food is a fixed cost which cannot be avoided. When you are coming to Pakistan, it is impossible to avoid experiencing the delicious cuisine of Pakistan.

A good option is to order food online with online food ordering websites and get deals. This will help you to save some amount. There are some great companies operating in Pakistan which offers great deals.

Some Important Travel hacks For Foreigners

  • Get A Pakistani Phone Number

Getting a Pakistani phone (sim) is important as it will help you in smoother communication with locals.


With launch of 3G and 4G in Pakistan access to internet has become easy so you can stay in touch with your family and friends in your home country via Facebook, twitter, emails, WhatsApp etc.

  • Use Google Maps For Guidance

Thanks to Google for launching Google Maps. Fortunately now you will not have to ask direction from every other person while exploring new destinations in Pakistan. Just log on to Google Maps and much of your pain is gone.


  • Explore Pakistani Culture Online

There has been lot of misconceptions about Pakistan. Instead of listening to media, search online views and reviews about Pakistan and the culture of Pakistan.

You might end up getting shocked!

Several misconceptions about Pakistan such as Pakistani men are disrespectful to womenPakistanis are extremistsPakistan is unsafe etc. are incorrect up to a great level.


You can search many other travelers who visited Pakistan and left Pakistan with clear, better and the real picture of Pakistan.

  • Be prepared For Noise Pollution in Metro Cities           

Metro cities of Pakistan for example Karachi are heavily noise polluted.


Be prepared to bare the noise pollution. Buy a noise reduction headphone in advance so that when you land in, you have the solution.


Traveling in general is considered to be expensive however you can reduce traveling cost if you plan your trip smartly and know some good tricks to save money.

Make sure you have done good research for traveling.

You can also take tips by reading blogs of popular travel bloggers. Also question them. Travel bloggers love to share their knowledge. Who know you might get benefit ending up to your dream trip?